9 Reasons Why WordPress Is Best For Your Site

WordPress has proven to be one of the most powerful content management systems (CMS.) WordPress is behind 20% of all websites! Over 100,000 new WordPress sites go live every day. WordPress blogs are viewed by 409 million people every month. WordPress allows you to create a website, a blog, or both. WordPress is most widely used for blogs. Let’s go over 10 reasons why you should use WordPress.

1. It is open source and FREE

You can create a blog free of charge with WordPress. There are many free blogging sites, but there are developers working day in and day out to improve WordPress. This is a huge bonus!

2. Google is a big fan of WordPress (huge for your SEO goals!)

WordPress has SEO features built into it. Search engine optimization will help your business or blog get the exposure you deserve. There are even plugins available that will help you maximize your SEO potential. Some plugins are the All-In-One SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps.  These plugins are not necessary though, as WordPress is very user friendly. When working with us, we will almost always use WordPress for your site, especially if SEO is important to you.

3. Did I mention it’s user-friendly?

You don’t have to be a programmer to change content on your site. We love the fact that after we build out a website, we can show our clients how to easily change text and pictures on their site. It works much like Microsoft Word.

4. Make It Your Own

As I mentioned before, WordPress is open source. There are free themes you can download and use (and modify if you so desire!) There are also themes available for purchase on sites such as Theme Forest. If there’s certain functionality you’re looking for on your site, there’s a good chance there’s a plugin available for that as well.

5. They Have A Large Community

There are free forums within WordPress for support. Most questions will be answered by a developer or designer who knows the platform in and out!

6. Did I mention Google Is A Huge WordPress Fan?

From the permalinks to clean, simple layouts, Google is very attracted to WordPress. Blogs are great fresh content, and with WordPress, they’re easy to produce.

7. WordPress Is Secure

WordPress goes to great lengths to keep your site safe and secure. New functionality and security features are easily installed and updated. We do recommend that you back up your site prior to updating, in case something were to go wrong. Another thing that is very easy with WordPress.

8. Simple Blogs

As I mentioned before, blogs are great content. They’re not only relevant, they’re fresh. WordPress’ strong point is blogging, so that’s a huge bonus for your SEO. There are also great add-ons for your blogs like widgets, tags, moderation controls, and much more!

9. WordPress Is Flexible

From a blog, to a business site, to an e-commerce site, WordPress can handle it all. The CMS makes it very easy to make simple changes without needing to engage a professional.