The great YETI giveaway

​W​e are going to be running a contest / promotion on our Linkedin and Facebook pages!
We want to use the ​information​​ collected in this contest to show our clients how they can run a successful contest and obey the rules of both Facebook and Linkedin.  We know that Yeti cups are a hot item right now, and we are hoping to see a strong response to this promotion. We have assumptions on which platform will do better, we also plan to create a blog post once this is over showing our stats on both pages from when we start to when we finished. We will run the contest for one month. At the start, we have 487 likes and average about 25 actions on our posts per week, we have 39 followers on Linkedin  and dismal actions. 

Facebook rules for the​ Ye​ti giveaway contest are as follows:

You can receive 5 entries total. You will receive one entry for a like​ and one for a comment​. ​​W​e can not give entries for shares or tagging people​, as​ this is a clear violation of Facebook​’s​ policy​. You will receive 3 entries for liking our page.

Linkedin rules for theYeti giveaway contest are as follows:​

You can receive 5 entries total. You will receive one entry for a like, one for a comment, one for a share and 2 entries for following our page.

2016 do’s and don’ts for social media marketing.

Wow! What a 2015 it was for social media.! We saw engagement on Facebook decline, but with a rise in video; the growth of Snapchat; the rise of paid social; Twitter changed “favorites” to “likes” and much more!

If you’re a social media manager like I am, you can’t help but be excited for what is coming to social media in 2016.

Here are just a few tips to help you through the new year.


Time to organize your social media. Plan out your year early, and after you have a system to keep each platform you operate regular, you’ll be in much better shape (social media wise) in 2016. There are many calendar templates you can use – look at samples from Hootsuite. Also, consider using Buffer since they have an internal social media calendar that is super helpful and will save you time. No matter which you choose, your calendar will help you campaign events, set your platforms up for success and keep your profiles organized.


It’s a new year, so it’s time to ditch the old routine from 2015! Switch it up a little bit. Have you been thinking about using Snapchat? Try it for a little, see if it makes any impact. In using a new platform, you will have a chance to interact with your audience in a new way, and that can keep them interested in you and your business. Try it for six months. Set attainable goals for those six months. What do you hope to get out of using this platform? What purpose will it serve for your company and brand? What messages will you choose share? If it doesn’t turn out the way you expected in 6 months, ditch it. At least you tried!


We should all admit- social media is now primarily visual. You need to take the time to learn how to design great visuals with your content. Infographics are a great starting point. Create a Canva account and learn how to use the platform well. You can re-purpose old content, improve your storytelling, and create impactful posts by using infographics. Don’t forget to share your story through video as well as pictures. You will have a better chance of engagement if you use visual posts on all social media platforms.


Paying to win on social media is a must these days- it’s almost inevitable. Anything you post on Facebook, just 9% of the people who like your Page will see it. Why is that? Because Facebook basically requires you to pay for the engagement we used to get for free! If your goal is to reach a larger audience, boost your posts on Facebook. You will see impact. Be realistic with your budget, it shouldn’t break the bank, but we generally recommend AT LEAST $1/day towards Facebook ads/posts.


Live-streaming is probably the latest and greatest addition to your toolkit! This is a FANTASTIC way to engage with your audience and receive their reactions in real time. It will provide the opportunity to humanize your social media platforms. Putting a face to your brand is important for many consumers! How do you use live-streaming, you ask? Do a Q&A session, share bits from a big event or behind the scenes moments of your brand.