5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Today

It is estimated that 1 out of every 3 professionals use LinkedIn. With that being said, are you happy with how your LinkedIn profile looks right now? Maybe you haven’t updated it in quite some time (we aren’t judging.) But now is the time to update your profile. We will share 5 great ways to make your profile better with just a little work. So grab some coffee, log in and let’s make this happen!

5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

1. Add a photo (preferably a professional head shot)

Remember- your picture represents YOUR brand. Make sure it’s a photo that represents you well (we’ve seen some pretty awful photos used.) Your profile is 11x more likely to be viewed if you have a picture! Check out this article for some great insight into LinkedIn profile pictures.

2. Don’t forget keywords

Put these keywords in your headline, summary, experience and skills. Take some time to check out profiles of others in your field and take note of the keywords they use. List products and services by name, too- it’ll help you show up in the search results.

3. Add media

Do you have any great videos to share? Testimonials, slideshows and any other media are a great way to market yourself and/or your business!

4. Maintain company branding

Ensure your branding includes the correct logo and description for the company. You want your LinkedIn profile to be as accurate as possible.

5. Add connections

Think of the people you’ve met since first signing up for LinkedIn. Add them as connections, and check out the “suggested connections” as well, you will be surprised by how many people you know! LinkedIn shared a great post about growing your connections- https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140425145918-25026422-how-to-massively-grow-your-linkedin-connections

These 5 tips will help you make some serious progress with your LinkedIn profile. I know I said I had 5 tips, but here’s an extra for good measure.


Spend 5 minutes a day commenting or “liking” things that your connections have shared. If you’re feeling really brave, you can add your own content for others to read. Interaction with your connections is important, because it shows them you’re interested in them. If you’re interested in them, they’ll show interest in you!
In case you were wondering if investing time in LinkedIn is worth it, check out some of these statistics from http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/by-the-numbers-a-few-important-linkedin-stats/

-Total number of users: 380 million total (as of 7/30/15)

-New users per second: 2

-Number of LinkedIn users in the United States: 107 million (as of 11/9/14)