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The Condensed Version Of Local SEO

When it comes to local SEO everyone seems to play by a different rule…. “I need 1 million links and 500,000 citations…” *Sigh* Below is local seo summed up in 100 words. 1.) On-page + Keywords Target a few primary keywords, but make your site look natural and create a BRAND!  Please, PLEASE don’t use […]

6 tips to stay on top of social media posting

Social media is a pain point for a lot of business owners- they have many tasks to accomplish throughout the day, and only so much time to accomplish those tasks. Unfortunately, a lot of times, social media takes a back burner.Let’s go over some ways to save you some time and still maintain a strong […]

What NOT To Do In Regards To Local SEO

At Nooga Labs, we work day in and day out to assist our clients with local SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Local SEO means you do not only want to rank globally, which isn’t very beneficial for local businesses, but you want to rank locally, where your results will be much more beneficial to your company, […]

Increases your referrals with Facebook in five minuets.

Staying on the mind of your referral partners and people you meet ​though networking has always been a huge key to success for small business​es​. ​S​ome people ​can do​ this naturally, they never meet a stranger​,​ and everyone remembers the​m​ the next time they see them. Now​,​ if you​’re​ like me​,​ you were not blessed with […]

The Importance of Local Search Listings

What’s local search? This:   Pretty simple, right? Believe it or not, there is an easy way to parse this complicated graphic down to a level that’s easy to understand. Nooga Labs wants to help your business succeed in search results by taking advantage of the local search ecosystem, something that dilutes typical search ranking factors […]

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing (SEM)—more commonly referred to as “search marketing”—is the process of earning additional traffic and visibility via both paid and organic search listings. SEM is the large umbrella comprised of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertisements (PPC). If you’ve been reading our previous posts, a lightbulb should’ve just went off: SEO doesn’t […]

How is My Website Performing in Organic Search?

We use a variety of metrics to evaluate a website’s performance in search engines. These metrics mirror that of the industry-standard and give the business owner – and the SEO strategist – clues as to what’s effective, what’s not, and where the opportunities lie. Some of these metrics include – but certainly aren’t limited to […]

How Important Is Local SEO?

How Important is Local SEO? In short, very important. The importance of local SEO is equal to the importance of the public’s ability to find your brick-and-mortar location. Have you ever been on vacation in another town and had trouble finding a particular restaurant or business—or even the street it was located on—even after asking […]