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How Do I Build Links to My Website?

The Million-dollar Question: How do you build links to your website? You know a little about SEO. You’re aware that your site should be optimized for certain keywords and easy for visitors to use. You know it should have a large, quality backlink profile in order to increase the authority of your domain, thus increasing […]

Which Keywords Should Your Business Target?

When it comes to discussing SEO with marketers and businesspeople, there is perhaps no more misunderstood or more misused term than “keywords.” While most folks with at least a passing knowledge of digital marketing are familiar with the term and use it to show their general awareness of SEO, their perception of the importance of keywords […]

Everything You Need to Know About SEO but Are Afraid to Ask

Search engine optimization… Also known as “SEO.” You’ve probably heard of it. But you might not have any idea what it means. That’s OK. That’s what we’re here for. An inbound marketing channel that’s gained steam in the past decade, SEO is a great tool to help your digital marketing efforts. In simple terms, search […]

Google Analytics Glossary: Better Understand Your Data

Analytics play a crucial role in any inbound marketing campaign. Even the smallest of companies can use analytics to better optimize their websites for online performance online and organic search results. Google analytics—one of the most popular web visitor tracking tools—comes with its own unique set of vocabulary that is crucial to understand in order […]

(Not Provided) and the Google Story

  “Not provided” is the term Google coined when it told search marketers that if users are signed in when performing searches, the keywords used to find a website would no longer be provided in analytics in order to increase user security. SEOs use keyword data to better understand what users want to find when […]

From Selling to Storytelling: 10 Useful Content Marketing Quotes

  Successful content marketing starts with good storytelling. Consumers may have grown more savvy at ignoring advertising, but audiences will always crave stories. Brands should think of themselves as publishers, and think of consumers as audiences. The following quotes from storytellers and marketers (and both) discuss that shift and why it’s important: “The greatest story […]