Everything You Need to Know About SEO but Are Afraid to Ask

Search engine optimization… Also known as “SEO.” You’ve probably heard of it. But you might not have any idea what it means. That’s OK. That’s what we’re here for.

An inbound marketing channel that’s gained steam in the past decade, SEO is a great tool to help your digital marketing efforts.

In simple terms, search engine optimization means constructing your website in such a way that it is transparent to both search engines and users, allowing them to easily understand exactly what your business is about and what it has to offer.

SEO means many things:

  • The way your website is designed
  • Its content
  • The way the content is displayed
  • The coding language(s) used
  • Other websites it links to
  • Websites that link back to it
  • Images and videos it contains
  • The most common words and phrases that appear in its content
  • Any social media profiles and/or pages connected to it
  • The quality and quantity of associated listings elsewhere on the web

Simply put, SEO should be a considerable part of your online marketing efforts and perhaps some of your traditional advertising strategies, as well. Millions of people are using search engines at any given moment. They are looking to go somewhere, perform a specific action, or obtain more information about something.

When those search queries cross lines with your business vertical, how is your website addressing those consumers’ needs? Maybe the better question is: Is your website addressing your target consumers’ needs, AND if it is, can they find the answers you’ve laid out for them?

SEO is a complicated industry that should only be tackled by qualified experts. Regardless of your brand’s size or location, an aggressive search engine optimization campaign can help grow your exposure and sales leads. And we can run that campaign.

Contact us today to get your story in front of more people that want—and need—to hear it.