Which Keywords Should Your Business Target?

When it comes to discussing SEO with marketers and businesspeople, there is perhaps no more misunderstood or more misused term than “keywords.” While most folks with at least a passing knowledge of digital marketing are familiar with the term and use it to show their general awareness of SEO, their perception of the importance of keywords and how to use them is often off base. Their main concerns are usually the number of keywords they should be focusing on, how many times a target keyword is mentioned, how many times it appears on each page, something about “keyword research,” how many pages mention a particular keyword… quantity, quantity, quantity.


The question everyone should be asking is: Which keywords should I target?

Answering that question will help you find real, valuable answers that have real value your business. Real keyword research is all about the user, not Googlebot. Choose your keywords based on search history, trends, and the way your target consumer talks about your products or services.

Your website should talk about your business, its services, and anything else relevant to the customer. The keywords you’re targeting will naturally present themselves on those pages, making your website relevant for the search terms you hope will produce organic traffic. When you follow this approach, the rest of your keyword research will make a lot more sense.

Keyword research is a complex topic. Finding the right tools and strategies is essential to finding the right keywords, targeting them appropriately, and making your business more marketable on the web. We can help. Contact us today.