The Importance of Local Search Listings

What’s local search? This:


local search results

Pretty simple, right?

Believe it or not, there is an easy way to parse this complicated graphic down to a level that’s easy to understand.

Nooga Labs wants to help your business succeed in search results by taking advantage of the local search ecosystem, something that dilutes typical search ranking factors and creates results on a local level first.

There are many aspects of local search: links, content, mobile-responsive, search-engine-friendly websites, social media marketing, and more. But the most important aspect of a local search strategy?

Local listings.

Listing Management and Local SEO

Not just claiming one local listing, creating an incomplete listing, or even a few randomly scattered listings; but a robust, qualitative local listing management strategy that ensures your company’s basic information – name, address, phone number, website, and so much more – is listed correctly, in an optimized manner, and placed everywhere it needs to be.

Because of our knowledge of how search engines pull local listing information, Nooga Labs has created an efficient manner for your business to get all the listings it needs and none of the listings it doesn’t.

By letting us take care of local listing management for you, your business can forget about appearance and performance in search and let our local listing management skills increase your business’ appearance in search, local packs, and drive more visits to your website.

Why You Should Care

Still not sold on the benefits of local search? There are countless studies and reports that confirm the effectiveness and power of local search from both a clicks and web visits perspective and a consumer intent perspective.

Your customers are looking for your company online using search engines and other popular platforms, and if your website isn’t listed in a complete, optimized manner it not only makes your business look bad, it likely means you’re losing out on customers!

This data – from Google and other professional, reliable sources – just begins to scrape the surface of how powerful local search is regardless of the user’s device, specific location, or purchase intent.

Looking up business information is relevant to all customers – new and returning – those who are looking to buy, or just looking for basic product information, and everything in between.


If you need help optimizing your local business for search, stop trying to figure out this incredibly complicated ecosystem by yourself.

Nooga Labs will gladly work on creating and maintaining local listings for you in order to increase your business, create a more professional appearance in search results, and get a jump-start on your customers.