The Condensed Version Of Local SEO

When it comes to local SEO everyone seems to play by a different rule…. “I need 1 million links and 500,000 citations…”


Below is local seo summed up in 100 words.

1.) On-page + Keywords

Target a few primary keywords, but make your site look natural and create a BRAND!  Please, PLEASE don’t use your keyword plus city 100 times on you home page!  You want to make it easy and natural to read.

2.) Create Google Business + Social profiles

Go to Google My Business and submit your information. A Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profile are a must, but I would also also recommend setting up a Youtube channel and Pinterest page.

3.) Create 10-20 high quality Citations

You can find the top ones here or simply Google the top 20 citation sources in the US. I would also recommend looking to see if there are any local niche directories you can submit to as well!

4.) Write a press release and distribute

This helps add diversity to your link profile and  hopefully create a little bit of buzz about your local business.

5.) Generate 5 High Quality Links

Easier said than done, but you can either pay someone or simply ask to write a Guest post on another website in your niche.

That’s it, that’s the short version of local SEO, if you do these 5 things you should rank on page 1 for your industry + location keyword.